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Free IA Course

Information architecture (IA) is the way we arrange the pieces to make sense as a whole. This is a critical part of making things, especially making things that make sense to other people.

In just 30 minutes this course will give you an expert-guided tour of the basics you need to know to start adding information architecture (IA) into your own practice. If you want a wide and democratized overview on what IA is, what it is used for, who it benefits and how to get better at it, this course is a great place to start.

Preview of IA for everybody course landing page

In this course I cover the following common questions:

  • What is an information architecture?
  • What are the primary tools and methods used to practice IA?
  • What are ways that you can add information architecture skills to your practice?
  • How can we measure the return on investment on information architecture?
  • Is information architecture the same as content strategy, content design, ux design or taxonomy?
  • How do you get started working on information architectures?

Get started today and learn why information architecture is for everybody.