How to Contact Me

I am not a huge supporter of social media platforms these days and I know that as a content creator my continued reliance on social media to get the word out about my content will become an untenable situation at some point.

Given this, to best stay in touch with my content I suggest joining my email list where I commit to emailing no more than once monthly to update you on the content I am creating for the betterment of the design and technology community.

Advice & Mentorship Requests

I love spending time with those new to information architecture, and prioritize those coming from underrepresented communities. I love hearing how other people are making sense of messes, and comparing notes on what’s working and what’s hard.

As much as I love connecting with strangers about the power of IA, my time is limited. So if you are here seeking my advice or mentorship, rather than email me, please submit a request so I know how to best advise you.

Speaking Requests

If you are here because you are interested in having me speak at your event, or for your organization, please review my requirements for events I say yes to and how I like to work with event organizers.

General Inquiries

If your request does not fit into one of the above and you really need to get something to me, go ahead and reach out to: Abbycovert at gmail dot com.