Writing is one of my favorite past times, and the primary way I capture my process and thinking around information architecture. In 2009 I started a blog Abby the IA after being encouraged to share my voice with the IA community. The articles below are a mix of original content from that blog and content I have developed in the last few years.

World IA Day Curious?

The one in which I implore you to give either time or money to the World Information Architecture Day.

I choose me.

The story of why I went in-house, what happened to make me leave and what's next for me.

The IA Element of Everything

Challenging the current state of the IA field to consider the ramifications of not standing up for our own label.

How to Set IA Up to Fail

Understanding the right environment and support structures for information architecture practices to be successful…

Change is Good

Sometimes you have to step away from the comfortable and start something new.

Clarity in Mark Making

Pondering the difference between the art part and the science part of information architecture…

Information is made of people

Information Architecture is more than understanding our mess and our users, but also our co-workers, clients, and partners.

Architects Everywhere

The one where I try to convince each and every one of you that information architecture is a critical life skill that you already use in your work and play…