Speaker Requests

If you are reading this page, you likely have an event you are trying to plan and want to know if I would be available to participate.

Before we go any further, I have some basic non-negotiables:

  • I do not often accept invitations less than 3 months out if I have to leave the house to get there.
  • I do not speak for free within the design and technology industry unless it is for a non-profit cause.
  • I require all events that I speak at to have a code of conduct in place, which includes an action plan for how conduct violations are handled.
  • I only speak at events that have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion – specifically accessibility of content and diversity of speakers.
  • I do not speak at events where I am the only non-male speaker or where there are only white speakers.

Assuming there is no disagreement on the above points, I am open to talking further about whether your event makes sense for me to participate in.

I have a rate sheet I am happy to share upon request. It includes price differences based on size of audience and the amount of customization you require in the content I am providing.

To start our conversation, please fill in my speaker request form.

Events I want to be part of

I am the most interested in events that have a strong mission that is rooted in making the world a better place (even if in small ways).

I want to share my thinking with audiences both inside and outside of the design and technology community.

I have spoken all over the world, and love to have the continued opportunity to learn about how information architecture is thought of and practiced in different languages, contexts and cultures.

I am very comfortable with remote events, as I spend the majority of my time working remotely.

My expectations as a speaker

  • You will provide ample lead time.
  • You will pay for my time as well as travel expenses, unless we have made arrangements otherwise because you are supporting a non profit cause.
  • You will properly prepare me to meet your audience and live up to the expectations you have set for my content.
  • We will discuss any communication plans you have related to my work or presence at your event.
  • We will work together to make sure that I fully understand the technical and physical setup of the event ahead of time and unless there is ample reasons why and procedures in place, I will present from my own laptop using a keynote presentation.