Speaking Inquiries

I am currently interested in hearing about speaking and teaching opportunities in Spring, Summer and Fall 2022. If you are interested in having me speak at your event or for your organization, here are the three factors that make it more likely that I will say yes:

You are Mission or Community Driven: I am interested in events that have a strong mission rooted in making the world a better place or making space for people to connect with others.

You serve a diverse audience: For over a decade I have been speaking at events within the UX, design and tech communities. These days I am especially interested in reaching audiences outside the communities that I am already a part of.

You are willing to have me be remote: For the foreseeable future I will not be speaking at events in person.

The following are my non-negotiables for speaking at your event or for your organization:

  • I do not often accept invitations less than 3 months in advance
  • I do not speak for free at for-profit organizations or events
  • I do not speak at events that do not have a code of conduct in place
  • I do not speak at organizations and events that lack a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion of both speakers and attendees
  • I do not speak at organizations and events that provide less than stellar attention to the accessibility needs of their staff, speakers and attendees
  • I do not speak at multi-speaker conferences or on multi-speaker panels where I am the only non-male speaker
  • I do not speak at multi-speaker conferences or on multi-speaker panels where there are only white speakers

As a speaker, I expect…

  • You will provide ample lead time on any request for my time
  • You will pay for my time in a timely manner
  • You will properly prepare me to meet your audience and their expectations
  • You will share any communication or marketing plans you have related to me or my work
  • You will make sure that I understand the technical and physical setup of the event ahead of time and unless there is ample reasons why and procedures in place, I will present from my own laptop using a keynote presentation

As an organizer, you can expect…

  • I will always be on time and responsive to requests
  • I will care a lot about being helpful to your audience
  • I will present content that is accessible, clear, kind and brave
  • I will get your group excited about nerdy stuff. Don’t fret, I’m even good at doing that remotely.

If we align on the above, I am open to talking more about working together. To start the conversation, tell me a bit about your event, organization and budget.