Makesensemess 2023 is Coming!

Makesensemess is my annual celebration of sensemaking. It is a day when we sensemakers celebrate the messes we have made sense of over the past year.

It also happens to be celebrated annually on the publication anniversary of How to Make Sense of Any Mess.

Each year, I give a short talk and work with a selected number of other sensemakers to make short stories of real messes.

During the inaugural event in 2021, three brave sensemakers joined me to share their messes. Their stories ranged from societal change to personal projects, and yet a thread was connecting them all: the power of information architecture to make sense of messes.

In our second now-officially-annual event in 2022, five brave sensemakers shared diagrams that helped them to make sense of a mess.

In 2023, November 4th is a Saturday … so I have reserved the right to perhaps take even more time this time. Details of this event will be available in early October. To keep up with the latest, make sure to sign-up for my monthly email.

Save the Date. Tell your friends. Especially the nerdy ones.