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I hold pro-bono, one-on-one, weekly office hours via video chat to spend time with those facing sensemaking challenges or those new to practicing information architecture. I love hearing how other people are making sense of messes, and comparing notes on what’s working and what’s hard. If you have a mess to make sense of with me in office hours, join the waiting here.

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I am available for remote speaking and teaching engagements. If you want me to speak at your event, or for your organization, please review my requirements for events I say yes to.

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If you have a podcast, stream, webshow, magazine, blog, zine, …er, carrier pigeon where we can nerd out about information architecture remotely, let’s make some content together!

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If your request does not fit into one of the above and you really need to get something to me or from me, go ahead and reach out to: abbycovert at gmail dot com.