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Diagram Your Reality

Worksheet Diagram Your Reality. Prompts Contributing factors, Limiting factors.

This worksheet (PDF) is the closing exercise in Chapter 3 of How to Make Sense of Any Mess

This exercise is made for that moment in the end of the beginning. When you are rounding the bend on understanding what the problem really is and just what is involved in moving through it. 

Why is this important?

Everything is easier with a map. Let me guide you through making a map for your own mess. The power of a matrix diagram (that’s what this is called btw) is that you can make the boxes collect whatever you want. Each box becomes a task to fulfill or a question to answer, whether you’re alone or in a group.

Matrix diagrams are especially useful when you’re facilitating a discussion, because they’re easy to create and they keep themselves on track. An empty box means you’re not done yet.

After making a simple matrix of users, contexts, players, and channels, you’ll have a guide to understanding the mess. By admitting your hopes and fears, you’re uncovering the limits you’re working within.

This matrix should also help you understand the other diagrams and objects you need to make, along with who will use and benefit from them.

When to use this?

Right when the rubber meets the road. That moment when you know what you are facing, and the intention you are seeking to serve but have not quite figured out exactly how to get there just yet.

 Level Ups, Bonus Points, Brownie Points, Nerd Snipes:

Facilitate this in a group.  I find a matrix like this to be even more powerful when filled in by a group. Try facilitating it as an individual silent brainstorm, followed by a group share out and synthesis.