Control Your Vocabulary

Words are the common material we use when working with others. This exercise involves deciding the words you do and do NOT use as a team or in a specific…

Play with Structure

There are many ways to structure any one thing. This crib sheet is meant to give you some starting patterns to consider when making architectural decisions.

Measure the Distance

Goals are only reachable when progress is both possible and measurable. This exercise is about understanding what to measure along the way to know how things are going.

Diagram Your Reality

Reality is a force we all must reckon with in time. This exercise is about facing reality by digging into the contributing and limiting factors involved.

Choose Your Words

When facing a mess, stating your intention is the most important step you can take. This is an exercise about letting go and thinking about how users ideally perceive your…

Draw Your Mess

By visualizing and verbalizing whatever mess you face, you can start to honestly confront it. This is a simple exercise proven to slay mind-monsters.

Interview Stakeholders

A repeatable approach to interviewing stakeholders with guidance on each step from selling this activity, all the way through interview planning, execution and analysis.

Information Architecture Heuristics

I developed this set of heuristics to serve as an easy to understand and implement set of principles anyone could use to make the information architecture of their work better.

Introduction to IA Video Course

I developed this course with Pluralsight to introduce the concepts of information architecture and give you confidence in practicing it.