Making the world a clearer place one sensemaker at a time.

A hand drawn cartoon of a person deep in thought looking at a mess with a thought bubble showing an imaginary order for the mess.

I want to help you to make the unclear, clear.

My name is Abby Covert. I am an author, teacher and community leader in the field of information architecture. My work aims to make information architecture and sensemaking skills accessible to everyone.

I spend my time writing for, speaking to, and teaching people who are bravely facing or feeling stuck on messes made of information and people.

I have written two books to help my students:

How to Make Sense of Any Mess demystifies information architecture (IA) into a practical skill set that anyone can apply to any context. 

Stuck? Diagrams Help. is a field guide for the trek from diagram novice to diagram nerd.

“I believe information architecture has the power to make the world a clearer place.”

I am an active organizer and mentor within the design and technology community.

A picture of Abby Covert at home in her studio, amongst her books many of which are about information architecture and design

Starting in my early twenties I embarked on a unique journey towards community leadership in the IA field while uncovering a passion to write about and teach information architecture. 

Here are some of the community leadership roles I have been proud to serve in:

In 2020 I chose me and resigned from my last IA position to focus full time on writing, teaching and community organizing. 

I started an Etsy Shop to share low cost products and guides from my toolkit and started to gather a community of sensemakers all over the world via a monthly mailing list.

In 2022 I started The Sensemakers Club to produce education for and opportunities to connect more deeply with that community. 

The jewel in my calendar each year is hosting Makesensemess, an annual celebration of sensemaking on the first Friday of November. Each year I work with a group of brave sensemakers to share stories of messes they have made sense of. I usually leave with a few hundred new friends, and it’s a blast. 

To hear more of my story, check out any of a number of awesome podcasts and web shows that have invited me to share.

Latest Education Materials


In 2023 I completed a blogging project to write about IA for a new audience each month. Below is a link to each.

You can also see the latest of my writing here.

If you want to keep up with my work, the best way is to join my email list where I write a monthly update on what I am working on or thinking about. 

If you want to directly support my work, the best way is through purchasing something directly from me, like buying a product from my Etsy Shop or a course through The Sensemakers Club.