I am on a mission to make the world a clearer place, one sensemaker at a time.

A hand drawn cartoon of a person deep in thought looking at a mess with a thought bubble showing an imaginary order for the mess.

I want to help you to make the unclear, clear.

I am an author, teacher and community leader in the field of information architecture. My work aims to make information architecture and sensemaking skills accessible to everyone.

I spend my time writing for, speaking to, and mentoring people who are bravely facing messes.

I have written two books to help my students:

How to Make Sense of Any Mess, demystified information architecture into a practical skill set that anyone can apply to any context. 

Stuck? Diagrams Help., is a field guide for the trek from diagram novice to diagram nerd.

In 2020 I started an Etsy Shop to share low cost products and guides from my toolkit and started to gather a community of sensemakers all over the world via a monthly mailing list.

In 2022 I officially created The Sensemakers Club to produce education for and opportunities to connect more deeply with that community. 

I host Makesensemess, an annual celebration of sensemaking on November 4th. Each year I work with a group of sensemakers to share stories of messes they have made sense of. I usually leave with a hundred new friends, and it’s a blast. 

In addition to Makesensemess I also have two eCourses via The Sensemaker Club:

My goal in 2023 is to write about IA for a wider variety of audiences and contexts and to produce educational materials and events highlighting fresh voices at The Sensemakers Club. Foreshadowing intended …

A picture of Abby Covert at home in her studio, amongst her books many of which are about information architecture and design

I believe information architecture has the power to make the world a clearer place.

I am an active organizer and mentor within the design and technology community. I wrote about my early journey towards community leadership and have been interviewed about my work on plenty of podcasts.

Here are some of the roles I have been proud to serve in:

If you want to keep up with my work, the best way is to join my email list where I write a monthly update on what I am working on or thinking about.