I’m an information architect who loves to make sense of messes.

A hand drawn cartoon of a person deep in thought looking at a mess with a thought bubble showing an imaginary order for the mess.

My mission is to make information architecture accessible to everyone. I contribute to the information architecture and design community through writing, speaking, and mentoring.

I have traveled the world to practice and speak about information architecture and I love teaching people how to use information architecture to make sense of messes so much, I wrote a book about it.

I have held positions as an in-house information architect, as well as worked for clients in consulting and agency settings. I have a set of diverse case studies explaining my impact and have developed a set of simple information architecture tools based on my own process, some of which end up on my Etsy Shop.

I am currently working on a new book about the purpose, process and craft of diagramming.

A picture of Abby Covert at home in her studio, amongst her books many of which are about information architecture and design

I believe information architecture has the power to make the world a clearer place.

I am an active organizer and mentor within the information architecture community. Here are some of the roles I have been proud to serve the community through:

One of my most proud career achievements is being the inventor of World Information Architecture Day, a free global celebration of IA held in 50+ locations serving thousands in their local communities annually.

World Information Architecture Day was created to grow local leaders, giving anyone a chance to bring IA community togetherness to their hometown. It’s always my favorite day of the year, maybe it’s yours too?

I wrote about my early journey towards community leadership, in case my story can serve as an inspiration. I have also shared my story on plenty of podcasts over the years.

I live in Melbourne, FL, in a tiny jungle with my husband, son and pup.

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