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Interview Stakeholders

I have interviewed hundreds of stakeholders on projects ranging from multi million dollar tech projects to small business projects with only a handful of people involved.

I have really worked on and honed a repeatable approach to interviewing stakeholders that I am excited to share with you in this guide. We will walk through each step from selling this activity to an organization all the way through interview planning, execution and analysis.

Stakeholder Interview Guide ($20 on Etsy)

Thumbnail gallery of the pages in the workbook, of which there are 11 including the Table of Contents which you can read below this graphic.

Table of Contents

  1. Why stakeholder interviewing works
  2. How to get buy-in to this activity
  3. Setting yourself up for success
  4. Recruiting the right people
  5. Creating a humane schedule
  6. Writing a script
  7. Setting up
  8. Interviewing
  9. Note-taking
  10. Analysis

For a taste of some of the learning in this guide, see my presentation at the 2020 Federal Plain Language Summit in which I introduce my script framework and some best practices for recruitment and note-taking.