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Designing my Portfolio

This is a post I wrote at a mid point in my career as I navigated designing my portfolio. My most recent and best work is not represented in this version of my portfolio but I am leaving this post as a record of my thoughts back then. For more recent work, check out my IA case studiesI went on to develop materials to help other designers work on their portfolios, which you can find for free on slideshare (Updated in 2020 for Posterity)

Recently there has been some chatter about whether or not you need to have a User Experience portfolio. I believe that you do, in order to show your past value and efforts you need something more than bullets on a resume.

As such, I went into the creation of my latest User Experience portfolio with the following lenses:

  1. It has to be clear, short and not boring.
  2. It has to be readable by NON User Experience People
  3. It has to be representative of my experience but not exhaustive