Let them go

You can't please everyone, it's actually impossible. But sometimes we can't help but be bogged down by opinions that don't matter.

Just Critical Thinking

The way we use language is important. The words we chose can change the way we feel about our work.

Diagram Critique BINGO

The one in which I create a game to get my students to critique each other's diagrams…

This is the work.

The work isn't just about the product, it's also the process. The work you do, the questions you answer, and the problems you solve.

Prioritization is deciding.

We never know what life will throw at us, so making key decisions up-front about how you will prioritize can save time down the road.

What’s Hard?

We all have to ask hard questions about our work - being a teacher is no exception.

Frequently Asked IA Questions

Information Architecture can be a complex idea to grasp, but there are a few questions that people always tend to ask.

On Terror

Terror happens. But when it does, admitting what is real, getting a good night's sleep and making new plans forward are tools that help.

Establish Interactions

Breaking projects down into manageable tasks can make them feel less daunting. Here are some tips to help avoid procrastination.

On Taxonomy

Having structure is important. It can help us see a clear path forward or organize our messiest thoughts.