Mapping and Diagramming

Sitemaps for Beginners

Sitemaps are a core deliverable often associated with the practice of information architecture (IA). This article covers the basics.

Five Superpowers of Diagrams

When are diagrams and diagramming our most helpful tool? And what superpowers do diagrams hold to help when we feel stuck?…

Researching Diagrams

An interview with taxonomist and librarian, Jenny Benevento, about the historical and cultural context of diagrams and diagramming.

Diagram Critique BINGO

The one in which I create a game to get my students to critique each other's diagrams…

The Making of the IA Summit 2014

As a committee chair for the 2014 IA Summit, I decided to give the conference a 15-year birthday present. A bunch of data about it's growth!…